Welcome New Representatives!

Janice Graves
Senior Sales Representative

Janice Graves has had many professional experiences that have enabled her to become successful in business development. She has over twenty years of proven records of meeting and exceeding companies and personal goals. 

The most valuable skills that have enabled Janice to exceed goals are her professional development and her relationship building techniques. 

She has traveled throughout the United States training, educating and mentoring some of the top Pharmaceuticals sales professionals and Real Estate professionals.

Janice continues to succeed in this incredibly competitive environment because she believes all great relationships are about two things. First, find out the similarities. Second, respect the differences. The difference is when we really begin to learn and grow together!

Janice's Interests/ Focus: Alzheimer's Research, Animal Welfare, Fashion Enthusiast, Fine Arts.

Susan A. Fisher, MLA, CPSM
Business Developer

Susan has over 20 years of industry experience.  Her background in Landscape Architecture and Marketing provide her with a foundation for Business Development at S&ME. 

Based in Columbus, Susan supports the needs of both the Columbus and Cleveland offices. Her primary focus is to establish and maintain client relationships, while promoting the company image.  

She is responsible for developing affiliations with other professional firms and business organizations to create win-win relationships.