EWI Upcoming Events

Friday, October 23 @ 6:00 PM
Monthly Meeting: Annual Awards Gala

Tuesday, November 3 @ 3:00 PM
Webinar: Elevating the Conversation Around Self-Expression

Tuesday, November 10 @ 6:00 PM
Virtual Monthly Meeting: Pursuing Peace in Your Own Paradise

Tuesday, December 1 @ 3:00 PM
Webinar: Leading with Clarity & Confidence (Even From Your Living Room)

Tuesday, December 8 @ 6:00 PM
Virtual Monthly Meeting
Info Coming Soon

Past Events

Tuesday, Sept 8 @ 6 PM
Monthly Meeting: Networking & Business Update Meeting

Tuesday, July 14 @ 6 PM
Monthly Meeting: Online Summer Networking Event

Tuesday, June 9 @ 6 PM
Monthly Meeting: "Moving Forward in this Awkward Time" with speaker Kristi Emmons Jones

Tuesday, May 12 @ 6 PM
Monthly Meeting: "Courageous and Daring Leadership in Challenging Times"

Tuesday, April 14 @ 6 PM
Monthly Meeting: "Semi-Annual Networking and Business Meeting"

Tuesday, March 10 @ 6 PM
Monthly Meeting: "How to Successfully Contribute in a Collaborative Work Environment" with speaker Elfi Di Bella 
The Boat House

Tuesday, February 11 @ 6 PM
Monthly Meeting: Finding Restoration from Stress" with speaker Dr. Jay Villella, D.C.
The Boat House

Tuesday, January 14 @ 6 PM
Monthly Meeting: "Leadership Behaviors to Drive Successful Changes in Disruptive Environments" with speaker Maureen Metcalf 
The Boat House


The Chapter meetings are held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of each month. This may be changed with Board approval.


There are ten (10) general meetings and two (2) business meetings to which you may invite your executives, their spouses, and guests.


A representative (active or sustaining) must notify our Programs Director at by the Tuesday of the week prior to the Chapter meeting with their RSVP. If an RSVP is not given it will be assumed that the representative is not attending. It is important to RSVP so that a final head count may be given to the meeting venue prior to the Chapter meeting date and a place can be set for the attending individual. Failure to RSVP prior to the meeting date with regrets will result in member firm or sustaining member being billed for the cost of the dinner.


Member Firms are encouraged to have a representative present at all meetings. It is understood that this may not always be possible, but attendance at Chapter meetings is important for the well being of the Chapter.


Member Firm Representatives are encouraged to attend all meetings. It is understood that this may not always be possible, but attendance at Chapter meetings is important for the well being of the Chapter and the development of the Representative.

If you have a major illness or some extenuating circumstance which necessitates your missing two or three consecutive meetings, you may ask for a leave of absence. This must have Board approval.

Absences may be "made up" by attending the meeting of another EWI® chapter, an area conference, or Annual Meeting/Convention.

The most benefit and enjoyment for you and your firm will only be gained through regular attendance.