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Why Join EWI?

  1. The professional and personal growth you gain from attending monthly meetings and hearing great and informed speakers / presenters on a myriad of current topics of interest
  2. The opportunity to serve on an organizational Board and learn the inner workings of EWI
  3. Serve on a Committee and get your feet wet while learning more about EWI
  4. Opportunity to listen to webinars sponsored by EWI Corporate on relevant topics – a plus is that you can share with all of your associates in your office and they are recorded and can be found on the Corporate website to listed to at your leisure
  5. Promote your member firm to other member firms locally and across the United States and Canada
  6. The building of collegial relationships that endure the test of time
  7. Learning and sharing of best practices from seasoned members and speakers
  8. Philanthropic endeavors in the community 
  9. Self-fulfillment that you gain by being an active member 
  10. One of the best returns on your time and talents and investing in the organization / Priceless


  • Association with other prestigious firms and executives in the city and recognition as a leader in its field.
  • An opportunity to promote the firm within the Chapter, community, and throughout EWI's organization.
  • An opportunity to initiate and maintain important contacts with other top ranking firms and executives in the community through the hosting of firm nights and attendance at Firm Recognition Night and other meetings throughout the year.
  • Access to EWI's Roster, considered a "blue book" of industry and the professions, which constitutes a network across the United States and Canada for the exchange of information and assistance in business and other matters.
  • An opportunity to recognize top ranking women by appointing them to represent the firms.
  • An opportunity to become further involved in the community through the support of the Chapter’s civic programs and philanthropic projects.
In addition to the above, the firms will also be the direct beneficiaries of all the benefits accruing to their representatives through their Chapter involvement.


  • Provides an opportunity for executive individuals to work together for the benefit of the firms they represent through their personal association and exchange of information with the Chapter’s prestigious member firms.
  • Provides a meeting ground for business and professional individuals who share common goals of leadership - in their firms, the business community, and throughout EWI®'s international organization.
  • Provides opportunities for personal growth and development of leadership skills through participation in the Chapter’s activities, and by taking an active role in the Chapter and Corporate Board of Directors.
  • Provides continuing education and opportunities for professional growth through seminars, guest speakers, and workshops, thereby enhancing their effectiveness to their firms.
  • Provides access to a network of mutual assistance from more than 1,600 diversified firms who hold membership in EWI.
  • Provides the opportunity to continue to contribute to the welfare of the community through involvement in the Chapter’s civic, philanthropic, and scholarship programs.
The added benefit of spring and annual conferences, webinars, and regular career workshops put on at the local and corporate level means that representatives receive ready, relevant professional development, and exposure. Each career workshop and webinar focuses on essential leadership, communication, and professional skills.

  • Internationally our Community Involvement Programs annually raise $400,000+ in scholarships. Locally, EWI of Columbus has contributed over $230,000 directly to literacy efforts in our community.
  • The Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) scholarship program provides local scholarships through both the Chapter and Corporate levels.
  • EWI literacy initiatives to support the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Summer Reading Programs encourages children right here in our community to read.